Salon carpet

Boat carpets in the interior of boats, ships, yachts and caravans convey cosiness and warmth. Velor carpets in particular are highly valued for their velvety surface and rich shading effects in boat and yacht building. CARAT is made from high-quality Radifloor® fibers and has excellent properties with the Texback® Super textile backing. For starting, we recommend our ALU leading edge rail No. 284-5.

Widths: approx. 400 cm or approx. 500 cm
Deliveries start from 1 m

The delivery time for this product is approx. 10 working days after receipt of payment.

49,50 €/m²

  • 2301 perle
  • 2302 beige
  • 2303 kiesel
  • 2304 braun
  • 2305 fels
  • 2306 silber
  • 2307 grau
  • 2308 blau
  • 2309 anthrazit
  • 2310 rot
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Auf den Merkzettel
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  • Lightfastness: grade 5 / ISO 105 BO2
  • Water law: grade 4 / EN ISO 105-E 01
  • Fastness to rubbing, dry: grade 4
  • Noise reducing
  • Flame retardant B1 / Cfl DIN EN ISO 13501-1
  • Durable and resistant
  • Antistatic


  • Pole material: 100% polyamide
  • Number of knobs / m²: approx. 60.000
  • Total thickness: approx. 13,0 mm
  • Total weight / m²: approx. 2.200 g
  • Widths: approx. 400 cm and 500 cm


We manufacture carpets in individual shapes for yachts, boats, caravans etc. according to your wishes and dimensions.


Stains should be pretreated with powder or foam. The cleaning is done simply by suction.

CARAT Perle mit Rückseitenansicht carat CARAT carat rueckseite 1
CARAT pearl with rear view
CARAT rot mit Rückseitenansicht carat CARAT carat kategorieauswahl
CARAT red with rear view

Areas of application

Boat, yacht and shipbuilding, caravan and home equipment.

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