ROMERA Luxury velor

The luxury velor ROMERA is used in the yacht, caravan and home areas due to its clear and brilliant colors. This carpet has also proven itself in protected outdoor areas. The high-quality carpeting ROMERA is not only tested for harmful substances and suitable for allergy sufferers, it also has a number of good properties that underline its resistance and robustness. We recommend our ALU leading edge rail No. 284-5 for the start.

Widths: approx. 400 cm or  500 cm
Deliveries start from 1 m

The delivery time for this product is approx. 10 working days after receipt of payment.

43,10 €/m²

  • 3301 cremeweiss
  • 3302 sand
  • 3313 beige
  • 3314 kakao
  • 3315 türkis
  • 3316 feuer
  • 3318 lind
  • 3319 grau
  • 3320 silber
  • 3321 blau
Auf den Merkzettel
Auf den Merkzettel
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  • Light fastness grade 5 EN ISO 105-B02
  • Water fastness grade 4 EN ISO 105-E01
  • Fastness to rubbing, dry grade 4 EN ISO 105-X12
  • Impact sound and noise reducing
  • Flame retardant Cfl – s1 (B1) DIN EN 13501-1
  • Antistatic
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Tested for harmful substances
  • Durable and resistant
  • It is therefore not necessary to secure cut edges – however, edging is recommended at the tread edges.


  • Pole material: 100% PA 6.6
  • Back equipment: 100% PES
  • Total thickness: approx. 8,0 mm
  • Number of knobs / m²: approx. 380.000
  • Total weight / m²: approx. 1.620 g
  • Goods width: approx. 400 cm and 500 cm


We manufacture carpets in individual shapes for yachts, boats, caravans etc. according to your wishes and dimensions.


Easy to clean. Brush, sweep, vacuum or rinse.

ROMERA Rückseite bodenbelag ROMERA romera rueckseite
ROMERA backside
ROMERA Farbvarianten bodenbelag ROMERA romera faecher
ROMERA color options

Areas of application

Boat, yacht and shipbuilding, caravan and home equipment.

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