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The TRENDI Indoor Flooring is a woven vinyl rug with non-slip rubber base. He is a modern alternative to the usual flooring made of “synthetic wood”, linoleum or carpets. Thanks to its manufacturing process, TRENDI is completely impermeable to water. The warp and weft threads are thermally fixed. TRENDI is great for indoor and sheltered outdoor use and is characterized by durability and vibrant design. If required, TRENDI can be fixed with push buttons. TRENDI is available in 4 color variants.

Width: approx. 200 cm
Deliveries start from 1 m

49,00 €/m²

  • 3431 beige
  • 3432 marmor
  • 3433 natural
  • 3434 wood
Auf den Merkzettel
Auf den Merkzettel
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  • Non-slip class R9 – DIN 51130
  • UV stable (5)
  • Pressure and tear resistant, abrasion resistant
  • Cutting edge detection
  • waterproof
  • Underfloor heating suitable
  • Immune to rotting


  • Material 16% PVC, 7% PL, 39% PP, 38% TPE
  • Backside slip resistant rubber
  • Total weight / m² approx. 1.800 g (+/- 6%)


  • Total thickness approx. 2,8 mm (+/- 5%)
  • Width of goods approx. 200 cm
  • Roll length approx. 18 – 20 m


Simply clean with water (max 30 ° C) and mild soap, then rinse thoroughly. Never use petrol, solvents, chemical cleaners or high pressure cleaners.

Areas of application

Interior areas and protected outdoor areas in boat and yacht construction, caravan and vehicle construction, living areas.

TRENDI - 4 Farbvarianten und Rückseitenansicht trendi TRENDI trendy darstellung mit rs
TRENDI - 4 color options and backside view
TRENDI - die 4 Farbvarianten im Überblick trendi TRENDI trendy darstellung
TRENDI - the 4 color options at a glance
TRENDI - Rückseite rutschhemmender Gummi trendi TRENDI trendy rueckseite
TRENDI - backside anti-slip rubber

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