Durable and long-lasting

POLIGRAS boat floor / boat carpet / deck covering – the first-class alternative to conventional carpet qualities. POLIGRAS was developed to withstand the toughest of conditions. POLIGRAS is a hard-wearing, long-lasting, winter-proof floor covering for indoor and outdoor use for yachts, boats, caravans, camping, patios and swimming pools. POLIGRAS can be fastened with snaps (ambience), laid loosely or glued all over with PU glue. For starting, we recommend our ALU leading edge rail No. 284-5.

Width: about 200 cm
All colors are also available in a width of 400 cm.

Please choose a back side variant (Ambiente or Deluxe).
Deliveries start from 2 m.

Please note our information on ordering options and shipping costs below!

48,40 oder 62,60 €/m²

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Auf den Merkzettel


Shipping policy

Please note!

This article cannot be ordered through the shop. The shipping costs must be determined individually. The shipping costs include the pure transport costs, toll fee, diesel surcharge, insurance and packaging material. It is not possible to publish the shipping costs for every order here. They result from the scope and weight, the choice of logistics company as well as the destination and destination country.
We send our goods as cheaply as possible, but also so that they arrive safely at the customer.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to integrate human logical decisions in the online shop.

Please send us an email to info@kaehne-bootsausstatter.de with your wishes and we will make you an individual offer. You are also welcome to use the contact form.


  • UV-stable rating > 7
  • Permeable to water
  • Weatherproof, winterproof
  • Normally flammable according to DIN 4201, B2
  • reduce noise levels
  • Easy to lay
  • recyclable
  • Easy care


  • Upper: 100% polypropylene, synthetic fiber
  • Carrier: PP fabric with PES fleece overlay
  • Back: PVC back coating
  • Number of stitches: 77.000 / m²


POLIGRAS anthrazit, Ambiente A11029 / Deluxe D11039 [object object] POLIGRAS poligras anthrazit
POLIGRAS anthrazit, Ambiente A11029 / Deluxe D11039
POLIGRAS beige, Ambiente A11022 / Deluxe D11032 [object object] POLIGRAS poligras beige
POLIGRAS beige, Ambiente A11022 / Deluxe D11032
Poligras blaugrau [object object] POLIGRAS poligras blaugrau
Poligras bluegrey, Ambiente A11028 / Deluxe D11038
POLIGRAS schwarz, Ambiente A11025 / Deluxe D11035 [object object] POLIGRAS poligras schwarz
POLIGRAS black, Ambiente A11025 / Deluxe D11035
POLIGRAS moosgrün, Ambiente A11023 / Deluxe D11033 [object object] POLIGRAS poligras moos
POLIGRAS moss green, Ambiente A11023 / Deluxe D11033
POLIGRAS natur, Ambiente A11024 / Deluxe D11034 [object object] POLIGRAS poligras natur
POLIGRAS nature, Ambiente A11024 / Deluxe D11034
POLIGRAS rot (auslaufend), nur in kleinen Mengen auf Anfrage, Ambiente A11026 / Deluxe D11036 [object object] POLIGRAS poligras rot
POLIGRAS red (discontinued), only in small quantities on request, Ambiente A11026 / Deluxe D11036
POLIGRAS karibik (auslaufend), nur in kleinen Mengen auf Anfrage, Deluxe D11037 [object object] POLIGRAS poligras karibik
POLIGRAS caribbean (discontinued), only in small quantities on request, Deluxe D11037


  • Overall height: approx. 8 – 9 mm
  • Total weight: approx. 1.890 g / m²
  • Shrinkage: ± 1,5 %
  • Compact PVC back coating
  • Permeable to water
POLIGRAS Ambiente Rückseite [object object] POLIGRAS poligras kategorieauswahl 400x300
POLIGRAS Ambiente Rückseite


  • Overall height: approx. 10,5 mm
  • Total weight: approx. 3.190 g / m²
  • Shrinkage: ± 1,5 %
  • PVC double drainage profile, nubbed
  • slip-resistant
POLIGRAS Deluxe Rückseite [object object] POLIGRAS poligras darstellung rs noppen 400x300
POLIGRAS Deluxe Rückseite


  • Strength: depending on the quality
  • Width: approx. 200 cm, also available in 400 cm
  • Roll length: approx. 20 m


The cleaning is simply done by sweeping, hosing, brushing, vacuuming or, in the case of heavy soiling, with a high-pressure cleaning device (max. 130 °C).

Areas of application

Boat building, yacht and ship building, caravan equipment and leisure areas.