UNI-Glue 140

Solvent-free special adhesive

The UNI-Kleber 140 is a self-crosslinking aqueous synthetic resin dispersion mixed with natural resins (free of solvents). The special adhesive is suitable for the permanent bonding of artificial leather, foams, wall and ceiling coverings as well as sound and insulation materials. It adheres to surfaces such as wood, GRP and protected steel, bez. sheet.

Quantities: 750 ml can or 5.0 l bucket
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  • 750 ml Dose
  • 5,0 ltr. Eimer
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Auf den Merkzettel
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  • Color: light beige – white / after drying transparent to brownish
  • Consistency: medium-viscosity / spreadable, rollable and spatulable (plastic toothed spatula or metal toothed spatula with 2 mm toothing)
  • Hazard class: none / non-toxic
  • Characteristic: temperature resistant from – 30° C to + 120° C
  • Processing: at approx. 10° C to 30° C
  • Consumption: 120 – 150 g / m² on one side / 200 – 260 g / m² on both sides
  • Yield: 750 ml approx. 4 – 5 m² / 5 l approx. 30 m²
  • Storage: approx. 12 months at + 5° C to + 30° C
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight,
    necessarily protect from COLD!


The parts to be bonded must be dry, free of dust, oil and grease. The UNI adhesive 140 is applied thinly with a brush or a velor roller. The adhesive has no initial adhesion due to its water content. Depending on the substrate and the prevailing humidity at the time of processing, the flash-off time is approx. 15 minutes. This shortens at high temperatures and extends at low temperatures. Sufficient ventilation during the dry season is essential to allow the water to escape from the adhesive.
The right time is given when the painted surfaces change from whitish to transparent. The materials placed in the semi-moist adhesive bed can be corrected. The firmer the first contact pressure – the better the adhesion.
A double-sided application of adhesive (contact bonding – allow the adhesive to dry completely) is recommended when processing sound insulation panels and insulating mats. It is important to ensure that the pressure from the center goes in all directions from the side to avoid air bubbles.


The equipment may be cleaned immediately after completion of the work with water. The hardened adhesive can be softened with ethyl acetate or methylated spirits. (Attention: observe fire protection).

Areas of application

Boat, yacht and shipbuilding, caravan and vehicle equipment, swimming pools, business and exhibition spaces.

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