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Sound 26 D

Innovation in the fight against noise

Wherever noise arises, the Sound 26 D soundproofing panel is a promising innovation in the fight against noise. The novel material is a closed-cell polyethylene foam, which is used for sound insulation and soundproofing in various areas.

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  • Fire behavior: DIN 4102 – B 1
  • Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to 100 ° C
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.082 W / mK according to ISO 8301, -5 ° C
  • Low water absorption: UNI EN 12088 – max. 4% at full immersion after 24 hours


  • Material: PE foam
  • Surface: closed cell
  • Foam color: black


  • Format: approx. 120 cm x 60 cm or approx. 120 x 240 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg + / – 2 kg / m³
  • Thickness: 27 mm

Areas of application

Boat, yacht, ship and machine construction, trucks, rail vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, medical technology.


Sound 26 D is easy and clean to install because of its inherent strength and rigidity. Due to its stability, mechanical attachment shapes such as pins and screws can be preferred. Resistant to moisture, frost and dirt.

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Acoustic effect of the sound insulation panel

For applications requiring soundproofing, silencing and vibration damping, Sound 26 D offers a great alternative to traditional sound absorbing foams and mineral fiber products.

The sound insulation board Sound 26 D offers a superb combination of sound absorption and sound insulation (reduced sound propagation and noise reduction). Even at low to medium frequency ranges Sound 26 D has remarkably good soundproofing properties.

The natural skin of this soundproofing panel is used to shift the sound absorption curve to low frequencies. Despite the low weight of Sound 26 D, the panel achieves sound insulation values ​​that are otherwise only achievable with heavy insulation panels due to the tailor-made structural properties.

The illustrated sound reduction index must be seen in combination with the stated high sound absorption capacity. Overall, this gives an excellent combined effect.

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