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Suede look with a warm sheen

SANDORA – the resistant wall and ceiling textile in suede look. The warm shine of the velvety surface gives you a cozy atmosphere in your yacht. Thanks to its elasticity, SANDORA facilitates processing in hard-to-reach areas. The charmeuse on the back increases the strength and serves as a non-slip surface for the adhesive.
We recommend our solvent-free UNI adhesive 140 for gluing.
You can create templates in advance for areas that are difficult to access. Our stencil film is ideally suited for this.

Width: approx. 140 cm
Delivery is from 1 running meter

27,90 €/m²

  • 7001 weiß, 140 cm breit
  • 7002 kiesel, 140 cm breit
  • 7003 sand, 140 cm breit
  • 7004 silber, 140 cm breit
  • 7005 gold, 140 cm breit
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Auf den Merkzettel
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  • Elastic
  • Slightly heat and cold insulating
  • Lightfast: Grade 5-6
  • Abrasion-resistant: 30.000 tours
  • Cut edge resistant


  • Upper material 100% polyester
  • Foam and charmeuse made of polyamide
  • Total weight / m² approx. 440 g


  • Total thickness: approx. 4 mm
  • Width of goods: approx. 150 cm
  • Roll length: approx. 50 m


Wipe with a damp microfiber cloth. Stains must be treated beforehand with mild detergent or upholstery foam.

Areas of application

Boat, yacht and shipbuilding, home, caravan and vehicle equipment.

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SANDORA backside

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